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Sandbar Motor Inn
Hwy 12, Grand Marais, MB

Basically, you have to go to Grand Beach. You should probably stay for a few days, too.

If you catch a nice day, you'll be one of thousands of people ready to lap up the sun at this white sand oasis.

Lie on the sand for a while then cool off with a swim and a beverage at the Surf Club bar. Next you can play beach volleyball against delightful competition. Whatever you do, sunglasses are required. Why, because while gawking at the scenery is mandatory, it's best to look cool when doing so. Also, the sun is bright.

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Activities/Things to Do
Hang out on the main beach and take in the 20,000+ people that flock to Grand Beach on a hot summer day - FREE

Take a hike on an Ancient Beach - FREE

Cool off with a ride on "The Bullet" at Thunder Mountain Waterslides.

Play a round at either Grand Pines Golf Club ($32) or Beaches Golf Course.

General Information
Grand Beach is located approximately 80 km northeast of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Its 3 km beach of fine white sand is considered one of the best beaches in the world. On summer days (and weekends especially), it is not uncommon for more than 20,000 visitors to come and enjoy the modern campgrounds, picnic areas, and of course, the beach itself.

The beach is located within the Grand Beach Provincial Park, along the east shore of Lake Winnipeg - North America's sixth largest freshwater lake.

There are two main beaches at Grand Beach. If your interested in excitment and beautiful peple you'll want to set up on what was once rated by Playboy Magazine as one of the Top Ten beaches in the world - the West Beach. If your just looking for some peace and quiet the East Beach, located close to the campground is where you wanna be (note: the East Beach is popular with families so be forwarned that kids might be a part of your day).

The Beach Volleyball courts are conveniently located just off the beach between the surf and the boardwalk and are a great place to interact with the locals. Volleyball tournaments are held here periodically, but most of the time the courts are free for use. Tennis courts are also available just off the main West Beach area.

The main activity at Grand Beach still remains utter and total relaxation. Come down early in the morning on a hot sunny day to stake out a good spot. Drop down your blanket, unfold the beach chair, ensure your cooler is full, and lie back and check out the scenery - all day...

Lake Winnipeg is a shallow lake full of sandbars. While this makes boating the lake quite dangerous, it's ideal for top notch windsurfin, and it makes for warm swimming water. A dip in the lake is essential throughout your day at the beach and you don't have to worry about the salt. Unlike most of the best beaches in the world Grand Beach is fresh water.  Beach Safety Officers fly a flag to indicate conditions while they are on duty.

At the end of the day, stroll down the beach to the Surf Club for an excellent meal on the deck overlooking the beach. Grand Marais' Grand Sands Motor Inn and The West Beach Restaurant are great dining places as well and are only a few minute's drive (or a healthy walk) away.

Don't leave too early. The best is saved for last, a quick stroll down the beach at sunset will make you wonder if there is a more beutiful place on earth.


Grand Beach and Area

Town of Grand Beach

Grand Beach Provincial Park

Map of Grand Beach Park

Idle Thyme Restaurant


Sandbar Motor Inn
Lot 3, Hwy 12
Grand Marais, MB

(204) 754-2900
BEDS: 20
Toban Rates: $60/night (Double Occupancy)

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Comming soon, send an e-mail to if you would like some more information about Grand Beach.
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